Unregister Mobile App Outlander PHEV 

In this guide we will show you how to unregister the mobile app for your Outlander PHEV.

There are a number of reasons you may want to reset the wifi on your Outlander PHEV.  The main reason is that you no longer have access to the mobile phone that had the Mitsubishi Remote Control App installed on it.  Whether you lost it, have a broken screen or are simply having some issues with the app, following this procedure will help you reset the wifi on your Mitsubishi so you can register a device again.

Follow these steps to unregister the mobile app for your Outlander PHEV.

NB: All steps should be performed within a total of 30 seconds.

    1. Get in the car and close the Drivers door
    2. Press the power button once to enter ACC mode.  The power button glows orange.  DO NOT press the brake pedal.
    3. Switch on the Hazard Lights
    4. On the key fob, alternately press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons 5 times (10 times in total)
    5. Listen for a single BEEP, followed by either 0, 1 or 2 more beeps.
    6. Alternately press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the key fob another 10 times each within 10 seconds, (20 presses. in total).
    7. Listen for a single BEEP, followed by 0 more beeps.
      1. If you hear a single BEEP with no following BEEPs, congratulations the WIFI has been reset successfully.  You can now register 2 phones with the car again.
      2. If you hear BEEPs after the first longer BEEP, then the WIFI reset has been unsuccessful.  Please follow the steps above again completing each as quickly as possible.
    8. Take your phone and connect to the wifi using the details in your vehicle handbook.
    9. Once successfully connect to the vehicle WIFI, you can launch the Remote Control APP which will automatically register the phone the the vehicle.



New member
Feb 27, 2019
Thanks fo this. Recently changed my mobile to an iPhone 11 Pro and passed my XS on to my wife.

Our phones and the Outlander App stopped working so we have to follow the procedure in your article to reset the WiFi on our PHEV. Took a couple of goes to get it right but it worked out in the end.